Ruff Trade: Sam Shadon

Ruff trade is not necessarily COLT-STUDIO‘s forte. But there are, however, a handful of ruff and scruff men featured on their website who, because they’re also masculine and muscular, blend in perfectly with all the bodybuilders and muscle-hunks that are COLT‘s bread and butter.

One of the ruffest, and also one of the hottest of these rough traders is Sam Shadon, and never has a man in long johns looked sexier than he does here:






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Alan Albert

Long before Alan Albert was discovered by Rip Colt, he was a physique model … he then went on to become one of COLT-STUDIO‘s earliest stars, though, sadly, very little of his collaboration with COLT has survived. Hope remains, however, that perhaps, one of these days, some of his images might turn up in the notorious COLT vaults … if so, I’m sure they’ll be restored and digitally remastered. So, watch out on this site for any news!

For the time being, here are some of Alan‘s photos from his time as a physique model …

Alan Albert 01

Alan Albert 02

Alan Albert 03

Alan Albert 04

Alan Albert 05

Alan Albert 20

Alan Albert 21

Alan Albert 26

… and a video he did following his discovery by Rip Colt who – wisely – paired him with some other very hot COLT models, among them Ledermeister:

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Harvey Catrell’s Hot-Bodybuilder- Manhole!

Seeing a straight bodybuilder expose his hole is a rare treat indeed!

Rip COLT deserves to be showered in praise for talking all these multitudes of hot, muscled, str8 men into displaying their otherwise highly treasured anus. On of these hot men who so proudly stuck out his mancunt straight into Rip COLT‘s camera is sexy Harvey Catrell: