COLT-CLASSIC: Mark Rutter’s Biker-Hole!

If photos could drive you insane – this would be one to send scads of gay men from all over into lunatic asylums … … it is so hot, it really defies description as it is beyond words:


More on Mark Rutter‘s available on the COLT website.

Mr Barnes, My Piping Needs Fixing … … Can You help?

In a world much different from this ordinary one, all handy men look like the one below, whose name is Butch Barnes (and he certainly does live up to his first name for sure!).

And whenever you’re in need of a Mr Fix-It, he turns up looking – and (un-)dressed – exactly like this:


… you show him the way to the bathroom:


… and to the attic …


anything to keep him busy and to keep him in the house for as long as possible.

Once he’s done you ask him to relax and unwind, … ¬†… and then it’s your turn to get to work …


… for more on Butch Barnes, please log on to the COLT website or click HERE.

COLT-CLASSIC: Lou Volpe In Dress-Shirt & Dress Sox

For a man, photographer, artist and gay porn pioneer who understood better than anyone else to tap our collective dreams and fantasies, Rip COLT came up with surprisingly few suit&tie images.

But it’s not just their rarity, it’s the expression on Lou Volpe‘s face, the fact that he’s wearing glasses, his position – not to mention the black dress sox – that make these two photos so unique. Uniquely hot, actually!



More photos of Lou Volpe are available on the COLT website.