Which Carl Is Your Favourite???

There can’t be any doubt that Carl Hardwick was COLT-STUDIO biggest, hottest, most sought after, most famous, model.

Looks, attitude, and physique, plus the fact that he’s straight make it well nigh impossible that there will ever another one like him. He was unique. Uniquely hot. His allure is unsurpassed and his popularity continues to this day while his name and legend live on.

Rip COLT made him a rich man, and had Carl chosen to continue, today he could be even richer! By his adission, Rip COLT treated him like royalty: during shoots (pun INTENDED!) he was put up at the best hotels and a limousine was always at his disposal.

I guess besides Carl‘s obvious numerous, assets, part of his attraction surely was the fact that he was so versatile – looking equally hot and masculine with or without beard, with or without mustache, shaved down or hairy.

But how do YOU prefer Carl? What is YOUR preferred version of this ultimate porn icon and COLT legend?

… with beard & hairy:



… with mustache & hairy:



… smooth & shaved down, with stubble:



… or smooth, with mustache:



The CARL-HARDWICK-COLLECTION on the COLT website contains countless image-galleries (many of them recently remastered and restored), plus several solo videos of one of the most legendary (straight!) men in the history of gay porn. For discounted access, simply click HERE!

COLT-Classic: Dick Huge in Lycra

Of course his real name ain’t Dick Huge … but how else would you call yourself if your tool was so massive, it stood out as your primary asset even though you have a face to kill and a body to die for???

Dick Huge‘s cock is one of the hottest – and most beautiful – in COLT history. And although there are numerous pictures where it can be admired in all its naked, perfect, beauty – no picture is hotter than the one below for Rip COLT always knew what we only suspected: that as hot as any man may be, what’s hottest is what you don’t see. That little something that’s left to our imagination …  … …  now use yours!


For more on Dick Huge – just click HERE.

COLT-ICON: JD Amos, 2nd Part

COLT having had the sense and wherewithal to remaster the images of one of their hottest men to date, JD Amos, I am hereby posting a second batch of photos, these ones being in black & white, really bringing out JD‘s amazing physique even more!

But what really never ceases to amaze me about this – straight – man is his asshole fixation! I’d say quite unusual just how fixated on his hole JD is – considering that he’s a straight man … … and there, he’s got such a gorgeous, uncut, cock as well, to say nothing about that awesome body, and yet – in pics as well as in his solo videos, it’s clear – here goes one straight man who needs it up his butt! Desperately!






For JD‘s image galleries and videos, please click HERE to visit COLT as you won’t find them anywhere else!

Porn Legends of Tomorrow: Jason Kingsley

Jason Kingsley – not exactly vintage, but certainly semi-vintage as sadly, Jason Kingsley, who hails from South-Africa, seems to have retired from the porn scene. Having made his porn debut in 2004, I’m certain he’d look even hotter today than he did then:






For Jason Kingsley‘s COLT-content, please click HERE.